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Featured Locations - 

We are introducing a new "feature" to our monthly schedule.  There will be locations and/or nights that will be "featured" each month.  Those locations and/or dates will be posted on the website, the calendar, AND in the newsletter at the beginning of each month.  

Tri Annual Tournament:

 At each tri annual tournament, the prize will be a $500 Visa gift card. The top 100 players for the time period will be invited to the tri annual tournament in May, September, and January. The players at the invitational will compete to win a $500 Visa card. Other final table finishers will receive prizes as well at each tri annual tournament.


There will still be a monthly invitational and prize each month in addition to the Tri Annual

Rules for All in! Tri Annual
o         Promotion runs from the dates posted on website (4 month period)
o         At each nightly tournament, players earn entries to our monthly and tri annual tournaments
o         The top 100 players in entries each time period will qualify for the All in! Tri Annual tournament
o         No player substitutions will be allowed  
o         The winner will receive a $500 Visa card.
o         Employees of All in Poker Series are not eligible to compete
o      Dealers and Hosts ARE eligible to compete and qualify in the same manner as listed above 

One Win and You're in 

  • For every table filled in the main tournament, there will be at least 1.5 entry (or point) given
  • First place in the main tournament of a one-table tournament will receive 1.5 entries to the monthly
  • First place in the main tournament of a two or three table tournament (or more) will receive 2 entries to the monthly, second place will earn 1.5 entries, and third place will earn 1 entry to the monthly.  Any other position awarded an entry will be awarded 1 entry. 
  • Each other position awarded an entry will be awarded 1 entry

Ex 1 There are 21 players at Bob’s Bar and the main tournament starts with two tables.  The 1st place winner in this tournament will earn 2 entries to the monthly and the second place winner will earn 1.5 and third place will earn 1 entry to the monthly tournament. (no other entries will be given for the main event)

Ex 2  There are 12 players at Penny’s Pub and the main tournament starts with one table.  The 1st place winner in this tournament will earn 1.5 entries to the monthly tournament. (no other entries will be given for the main event)

  • Entries CANNOT be split/chopped
  • Each host will have the option of conducting single table tournaments after the main event each day 
  • Single table tournaments MUST start with at least 6 players
  • The winner of any single table tournament will earn one entry to the monthly tournament
  • The host can give away one bounty entry each event
  • Entries will be calculated/tabulated on the website as points used to be
  • Anyone who has at least one entry in a month is eligible to play in our monthly tournament
  • Players that have earned more than one entry in a month will receive additional chips at the monthly tournament 
  • Each additional entry earned will earn the player 10% extra in chips

Ex. Bob has earned 3 entries for the month of February.  He will get his 2000 starting chips and 10% extra for the second entry, and 10% extra for the third entry.  So he will start the monthly tournament with 2400 chips

  • Featured events will now be “double entry” events 
  • Bounty points will NOT be doubled 
  • So at every Featured event, the winner will earn 3 entries to the monthly, and each additional winner will earn 2 entries

 Check our Events Page

 We have recently added a new section of "Special Events" that we are involved with.  If you are looking for a charity tournament to play in or a casino night to contribute to, this would be the place to check! 

Running late?? No problem!!

Our sit-n-go single table tournaments are always available to play even if you are running late!

In order to play in "The Main Event" at our nightly tournaments...players must arrive and sign in before the end of the 2nd blind level (50/100).

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